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可持续性 at UW-Eau克莱尔

At UW-Eau克莱尔 our campus is a living lab for learning sustainability. When you become a Blugold you have the opportunity to explore sustainable construction, graduate with valued credentials, 和 create new campus sustainability 项目 through the green fund - without any out of pocket fees. 

These opportunities are a result of our dedication to transitioning our buildings, 操作, 和 academics to a more sustainable model. Our goals include:

The Administrative Office of 可持续性, working alongside the Student Office of 可持续性, is the catalyst for sustainability 项目 on campus. Located within the department of Risk Management, 安全, 和 可持续性 in the Division of Finance 和 Administration, the AOS works to implement sustainability initiatives across campus.

For more information about the AOS or sustainability initiatives on campus please contact